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2019 CCL

Discussion in 'Major League Soccer' started by canchon, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. canchon

    canchon Active Member Seasoned Supporter

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    Brooklyn, NY
    2019 CCL thread, thought I’d start it off with this huge bit of schadenfreude:

    “Monster Jam” and “Supercross” are scheduled in February, Georgia gonna be Georgia.

    A reminder for as much as MLS fawns over Atlanta - they aren’t first choice there either.
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  2. Rimil

    Rimil Regular Member Elite Donor Seasoned Supporter

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    YASSSSS, for all those douches making fun of us playing in yankee stadium i reply to them:
    1) you play on turf, and its ugly turf no less and that's pretty embarrassing for a city that has an average annual temperature of mid 60s and 200+ sunny days per year. You should be on grass anything less is a joke.
    2) You're kidding yourself if you think its your stadium. Its the falcon's stadium and your just allowed to play there..... to which they always reply nooooooo it was build with soccer in mind..... and now we can say it was built for the falcons in mind, than monster jam than maybe some concerts TBD, than ATLUTD. If it weren't they'd have saved the date for your matches. You're second class citizens in your "home".
  3. SoupInNYC

    SoupInNYC Senior Member Elite Donor

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    If it was built with soccer in mind, then they wouldn't have sight lines in the stadium (and on tv), that completely cut off the views in the corners.

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