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In Memory Of Rachel - co-founder of City Celeste

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by TabascoDiva, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. TabascoDiva

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    Today at halftime, I heard a sad announcement : that Rachel had passed due to illness. I was shocked and sad.

    I had met Rachel at Delta from the first 2015 season. She came to introduce herself and she always made a point to say Hi.

    About 2 years ago she mentioned that she was creating a group of NYCFC female fans: City Celeste. She asked me to join ,I said yes , but I never did. the website was through Facebook, Which I am not a fan of, so was not interested . Deep down I wanted to eventually join , but I was happy with the forum here and being a member of TR, I just did not had more time for another fan club.

    Last season she told me, she had cancer and she was wearing a head scarf , but she looked so energetic, friendly as always .

    Rachel please forgive me for not making more of an effort to stay in touch. I missed you today when I checked into Delta because you were always the first one of the folks to always say :Hi and help me with the door.

    May you rest in peace dear Rachel . NYCFC and me will miss your friendship ,energy , enthusiasm and support.

    PS : if any forum member knows her family or family last name, please contact me. Thanks
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  2. NickFromAstoria

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