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  1. einwindir

    Any Barra Bravas?

    There's NYC12 (the logo that you replied to). If you want me to get you in touch, send me a PM. They're a great group of guys.
  2. einwindir

    We're Dudes In Blue

    Welcome! Do you have any information on the show? A link to where we can listen? Anything in particular you guys focus on?
  3. einwindir

    Stiven Mendoza [forward]

    I've seen #9 pop up in a few places but I'm hesitant to add it until the club or MLS confirms.
  4. einwindir

    Stiven Mendoza [forward]

    Name: Stiven Mendoza Joined Club: 3/11/2016 Position: Forward Number: TBC On loan from Corinthians Transfer Markt: Twitter:
  5. einwindir

    The Natives are coming

    Hearts of Oak doesn't have any racists or skinheads or racist skinheads in our group. We're pretty good at moderating who joins and who doesn't. As far as hats go - yeah, our hats are awesome. We've got some really nice ones this year too. Concerning your group - Do you. Don't worry about what...
  6. einwindir

    Where to watch in Bayside Quuens?

    Not too many options in Bayside that I can think of. I've seen them put soccer on in Press on Bell, but only by request. The new Buffalo Wild Wings on 20th Ave shows Euro soccer so I'm sure they'll throw an MLS match on the TV as well.
  7. einwindir

    MLS H2H league for "points"

    I know I'm late to the party but are there any openings left?
  8. einwindir

    Recap Of Isc Conference

    Fair enough. Shit's still too far though.
  9. einwindir

    Recap Of Isc Conference

    I'd imagine that the only way to actually fix Away-Day attendance is by not playing in a country the size of the United States. The longest travel distance in the EPL IS Bournemouth-->Newcastle at 359 miles. The closest travel distance in MLS is Red Bull-->New England at 217 miles How was the...
  10. einwindir

    Safe-standing And Its Inclusion In The Recent Nycfc Survey

    I made an attempt to tweet at the club. Their response was pretty lame:
  11. einwindir

    Safe-standing And Its Inclusion In The Recent Nycfc Survey

    Safe-Standing does have fold-up seats. The purpose for Safe-Standing is to allow people who will stand the entire match the ability to do so without falling forward into the row ahead of them. Currently, the bleachers are filled with fans who will only stand during the game. Those that decide...
  12. einwindir

    Stadium Discussion

    Sounds like a bullet-proof confirmation to me.
  13. einwindir

    Latest News : Happy Ground Hog Day???

    Yeah. Apparently it's a rough recovery for a quadriped that's used to being 3 inches from the gound, to take a nose dive 5 ft in the air.
  14. einwindir

    Latest News : Happy Ground Hog Day???

    RIP Staten Island Chuck We do not forgive We do not forget
  15. einwindir

    If N Y C F C Were A Local Brew

    Sixpoint (specifically Resin) is my goto beer when all else fails. NYCFC would probably be a Session IPA. Big bold performance right up front but completely falls apart at the doesn't even get you drunk...why are we drinking IPA's if we aren't getting drunk?
  16. einwindir

    Nycfc V Fgcu

    Nice! Thanks for the upload.
  17. einwindir

    Wingert Officially Waived

    He seemed to have been universally loved at RSL. So it'd be cool to see him brought back. Ballouchy and Saunders. I'm impartial with Ballouchy. When he was onpoint he was amazing...unfortunately that only happened about three times.
  18. einwindir

    Team Owned Pub In Kc

    Is that an argyle liquor shelf? Cuz that's fucking great.
  19. einwindir

    New Formation After All Of These Signings?

    I'm going to merge this thread as there is already an active thread on the topic. If you guys would like to continue this discussion please head over to the existing thread: