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  1. kylelovescrayons

    Must do in DC

    Visit my buddy’s spots one is Takorean (in union market and a few other locations) and dc brau - awesome beer. Beyond that I haven’t been in the city for years so I don’t know. If you feel like seeing music check out the black cat. Adios.
  2. kylelovescrayons

    NASL has lost D2 sanction.

    Yeah but it was fun watching them almost beat the cosmos
  3. kylelovescrayons

    Free Random Soccer Swag

    I'll be there.
  4. kylelovescrayons

    Free Random Soccer Swag

    I mean if no one wants them I can mail them as a gag gift to a buddy of mine. So if you want to be a part of a practical joke then Boom! I'll take them. I'll even send you 4 dan bucks
  5. kylelovescrayons

    Notice to the Fourm .

    Thoughts and prayers
  6. kylelovescrayons

    Record Store Day

    It's tomorrow - anyone going out and buying records?
  7. kylelovescrayons

    All Things Coffee ...

    Not humble at all. I know that grinder well. It's burrs so that's a great place to start. Get a scale with a timer. Hario makes one that is over priced but it works. You can always use your phone to time things as well. But definitely get a scale to measure coffee and to measure as you fill...
  8. kylelovescrayons

    All Things Coffee ...

    Good luck and god speed. What else do you have going in your setup? Do you have a digital scale yet? I found that weighing out my beans led to far better and more consistent coffee compared to using a measurement such as a teaspoon etc. what grinder are you using/planning to use? Keep me...
  9. kylelovescrayons

    All Things Coffee ...

    sorry for my slowness - work has been a bear and we rescued a puppy who is alos a bear + terrorist + adorable. So here goes - My aeropress recipe for espresso and regular coffee making - "Espresso" Recipe Brew Style: Inverted Coffee: 22 grams Grind Size: Slightly courser than espresso (9...
  10. kylelovescrayons

    Patriot (Amazon show)

    Rwatched a few episodes a week or so ago. I dig it haven't come back to it yet. The main guy (can't think of his name) just looks so sad in every scene. Really interesting show.
  11. kylelovescrayons

    Scarf Order

    count me in
  12. kylelovescrayons

    All Things Coffee ...

    Sadly they discontinued the Virtuosa Preciso - you should still be able to find one - it is a great deal for the price. I'd get the Virtuoso (or read back in the thread you can easily swap out the conical burrs on the lower end model and basically have the same thing for cheaper (Encore))...
  13. kylelovescrayons

    "We missed you in the beginning of the season"

    FWIW - I have gotten phone calls from ticket reps of the Red Bulls and Cosmos (2x) this week. I mean I'm a season ticket holder already for NYCFC, so I get them not calling me, but I hope folks at are offices are as busy.
  14. kylelovescrayons

    We Bare Bears