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  1. joe

    2020 Season Ticket Thread

    Invoice is in my account even without accepting the T&C's from the email, is the answer to that question. $23/ticket/game for the supporters section (not counting the $25 fee). Don't remember what is was last year.
  2. joe

    2020 Season Ticket Thread

    Am I going to be opted in or out if I keep ignoring the email?
  3. joe

    Atlanta (Away) - Postmatch

    Be mad at the FO and supporter groups for allowing the perception to develop.
  4. joe

    White Supremacists In Supporter Section

    In case anyone missed what happened in Seattle over the weekend.
  5. joe

    2019 Season Ticket Thread

    The screen shot above says "Founding Member preferred price" and nothing about status. I don't know if anyone clicked through and has more info.
  6. joe

    MLS Week 22 - 2019

  7. joe

    MLS Week 22 - 2019 Things are fine in Colorado.
  8. joe

    Queensboro FC

    Does QFC get more coverage in The Athletic than NYCFC? :tearsofjoy:
  9. joe

    Kansas City - Postmatch

    Those fines :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: Player accrues five yellow cards: $250 fine and a suspension from his next MLS Regular Season Match. Player accrues an additional three yellow cards (eight total): $500 fine and a suspension from his next MLS Regular Season Match. Player accrues...
  10. joe

    2019 Roster Discussion

    $108k base salary. Anyone know anything about him?
  11. joe


    I think Yankee Stadium and Willets are kind of the outer limits for "city" support for both MLS and NWSL. If they stay within those boundaries they should be fine.
  12. joe

    Upgrading Forum Software

    New post notifications are missing, which I believe falls under this umbrella. (The New Posts button works, there just isn't a red number on it.)
  13. joe


    Hence my frustrations
  14. joe


    Two year old posts in this thread express plans for and commitment to an NYCFC women's team.
  15. joe


    Some of the above really bum me out in light of Kjbert's recent posts
  16. joe

    Home - July 26 - Kansas City

    Thankfully I was still able to sell my tickets today for the normal amount of losses
  17. joe

    Official NYCFC Academy Thread

    The hits keep coming.
  18. joe

    Queensboro FC

    Melinda Katz is in the process of losing the Queens DA race, but is still the Boro President. She's in her 2nd 4 year term, I don't know off hand if there are term limits.
  19. joe

    Brad Stuver [goalkeeper]

    It was only for June. Now I'm worried I misunderstood a joke question. :D