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2019 Ticket Inquiry Thread

Discussion in 'Matchday' started by LionNYC, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. LionNYC

    LionNYC Senior Member Staff Member Elite Donor Seasoned Supporter

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    New York, NY
    We, at the Forums, ask that you use the following format when listing inquiries...

    Date of Game: M/D/Y
    Day and Start Time: Day @ 0:00 A.M./P.M.
    Opponent: Team Name
    Section / Row / Seat: 100 / 1 / 1-12
    Number of tickets available: #

    And please update your posts if you've sold your tickets or purchased your tickers. PMs are the best way to get in contact with sellers.
  2. adam

    adam Senior Member Elite Donor Donor Seasoned Supporter

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    Date of Game: all season
    Day and Start Time: TBA
    Opponent: All 2019 opponents
    Section / Row / Seat: 236 / GA
    Number of tickets available: # 2

    Just PM. I’m selling every match. Have founders pricing, best you can get without an NYCFC discount to undercut me.
  3. Ulrich

    Ulrich Senior Member Elite Donor Donor Seasoned Supporter

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    The best you can get is waiting until the day of the match and getting tix at a 90% discount on Stubhub for anywhere in the stadium
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