2020 Roster Discussion

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Feb 8, 2019
It is exceedingly OK to be monumentally skeptical about this rumor
reasons being:
1. Steaua/FCSB's owner is literally a crazy person.
2. Coman is 21, and one of the stars of the Romania U21 squad that made the semis at the Euro U21 this year. His peers include Ianis Hagi (Genk), Razvan Marin (Ajax), Ionut Radu (Genoa). Also, another dude who's at Steaua/FCSB, Man.
3. Coman will likely want a club in Europe and has been "linked" with Sporting Lisbon and such.
4. See point #1, I cannot stress that enough.


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Aug 9, 2015
dummyrun shared this gem from when Mitrita got signed:

Gigi Becali was extremely pleased with the transfer of Alexandru Mitriță to New York City, a team that will pay those at CSU Craiova not less than 9 million euros.

"I am happy for the large amount that was paid for Miter. Even though it's $ 9 million, I think it's all euros. Whatever is sold is expensive, it automatically raises the price of my players. Tudor Băluță on the transfermarkt had a quota of 200,000, but it sold for 3 million. Man has on the transfermarkt 3.5 million euros. Let's multiply by 10 and get to 35 million. I told you we would sell for the hard money. Now we have to have the goods.

If Miter makes 9 million, then Man is clearly making 40 million. I wanted Tudor Băluță to take me too. I was glad to see that the two of them left for a lot of money. When they leave for a lot of money, my wealth also increases. In the autumn Man will be 50 million euros, there will be 30 more.

I also told Coman that I sell a lot of money, but I don't believe in it anymore. It does not grow. He had to grow up. Look at Man, he is always growing. I took Coman at 19 and he is 21 now. That's why I don't have the courage to say anything about him, even though he's more talented than Man. But here the work comes in, "Gigi Becali told Pro X.
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May 30, 2014

Counts Taty as one of the players that could get transferred out this window. Not mind blowing news. But an interesting tidbit was that it may hinge on Argentina making the 2020 Olympics. It says Taty would then prefer to stay in NYC where he’s comfortable his performance won’t drop off due to adjustment and make the roster. Also, NYCFC have guaranteed they’d let him leave for the Olympics and a new Euro team may not.