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A Letter to Patricof

Discussion in 'NYCFC Supporters Discussion' started by FootyLovin, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. ZYanksRule

    ZYanksRule Active Member

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    It's not even about being offended. Hell, I curse all the time. It's just ... come on. We should be more original than that.

    You know what that chant says to me? "We can't think of a good two-syllable word that fits here, so let's just go the easy way and say this." Try harder.

    And again I come back to the family friendly part. It's not about being offensive, it's about setting a good example for the thousands of kids in attendance at every match.
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  2. Gotham Gator

    Gotham Gator Senior Member Donor

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    Bronxville, NY
    As a guy who brings kids to the match all the time, I don’t get too worked up about the language, but certainly prefer the PG version. It’s nice if your kids can sing along. It’s also nice not to have to answer questions about why it’s okay for the supporters and not okay for them.
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  3. Christopher Jee

    Christopher Jee Senior Member Elite Donor Donor Seasoned Supporter

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    People don't generally act in a certain way knowing that it's bad. So the "bad example" thing isn't necessarily likely to sway them. I'm not ashamed of swearing at a football match. I'm sorry but that's just the truth about how I feel and I'm happy that the children who sit around me have parents who feel the same way.

    I don't have kids so maybe I'm missing the neurochemistry to completely understand where you're coming from.

    I don't think I'd mind my kids swearing though. I'd try to teach them the importance of context, but it would be about pragmatism, not the inherent and arbitrary immorality of certain words.
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  4. SoupInNYC

    SoupInNYC Senior Member Elite Donor

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    I'm against completely unnecessary swearing and being original, but I don't think Make Some Fucking Noise is all that bad and I join in on it as well.

    What I really don't like is the "Fuck the [insert team name here]". That is completely unoriginal and unnecessary and it really isn't any kind of jab at the other team at all. I don't see how people view that as "sticking it to the other guys" when we're basically copying something that 6th graders sling at each other.
  5. hatt91

    hatt91 Junior Member Elite Donor Seasoned Supporter

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    Upstate NY
    Completely agree. I don’t think swearing is bad, it’s part of life. It’s part of the English language, and in fact all languages. There are cases where swearing add emotion and passion to the message being conveyed. ‘Make some fucking noise’ here’s a perfect example of that. Is it useless without the swear word? Of course not, but it loses some of the teeth.

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