City at FC Cincy... U Pick!

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Gotham Gator

Senior Member
Feb 9, 2015
Bronxville, NY
Pick the score, the goalscorers and their order, and the POTM (Pigeon of the Match). The contestant picking the correct result (win, lose, draw) and coming closest to the actual score wins a Mug of Ale from me should we ever meet and his/her name permanently enshrined in the Hall of Victory!

Good Luck!

Tiebreakers, in order:
(1) correct result (win, lose, draw)*
(2) closest to the actual score
(3) correctly naming the most goalscorers
(4) correct goalscoring order (by team)
* - a player cannot win by picking a win if the result is a loss (and vice versa)

GIF of the Game!

2019 Hall of Victory!
ORL - Jon
DCU - Gotham Gator & The Toe
LFC - The Toe
MON - ferrarinycfc
MIN - adam
DCU - Sabo
CHI - ferrarinycfc
ORL - ferrarinycfc
MON - Sabo
LAG - Gotham Gator
CHI - Sabo
CLB - 413Blue
CIN - 413Blue
NCU - 413Blue & Sabo
DCU - Gotham Gator & Hobo
PHI - Hobo
SEA - Hobo, The Toe & Jon
POR - Gotham Gator
ORL - Shwafta
NJR - canchon
COL - Gotham Gator
SKC - Gotham Gator
HOU - Jon
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