Guess The Attendance 2019 - NYCFC vs. New England (September 7)

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Gotham Gator

Senior Member
Feb 9, 2015
Bronxville, NY
I am disappointed the attendance wasn't higher given that New England brought 2-3,000 people.

I am also surprised since my section was more full and louder than usual.


Senior Member
Staff member
Seasoned Supporter
Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
hey now, we chanted and did our thing - as always, making more noise than the rest of you chumps ever do!

One thing that may have affected it though was different sections kept singing different things - like a group at the front of 236 would start a chant and people would join in, then the drummers would start something else altogether! (and people would turn round and boo the drums :smile:)
I’m not sure a Capo would even make a difference. We have too many different groups.