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What's Your Current NYCFC Priority? (Poll, Max 2 Choices)

Discussion in 'NYCFC Supporters Discussion' started by Shwafta, Jan 17, 2019.


What Is Your Current NYCFC Priority?

  1. Stadium Deal Done or Announced

  2. DP Striker / Big Name Striker

  3. Non-DP Striker

  4. DP Midfielder / Big Name Midfielder

  5. Non-DP Midfielder

  6. Defenders

  7. New Coach

  8. Get Rid of Some More Players

  9. Sign Homegrown Players

  10. Kit Announcement

  11. Insane Promotion to Get Butts in Seats at Yankee Stadium

  12. Entire Front Office Upheaval

  13. Break from CFG

  14. Nothing, I'm Content With How Things Are Going

  15. Really, It's True, I'm Good With How Things Are Going

  16. More Transparency Between Front Office and Fans

  17. USL Team (NYCFC 2)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Kenny

    Kenny Junior Member Elite Donor

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    Stadium +USL team for me
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  2. Amon

    Amon Junior Member Seasoned Supporter

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    We desperately need a striker. Any striker DP, non DP. Just anybody who's a natural striker. And honestly need a stadium deal and announcement. Each home opener I've seen less and less people. Playing at Yankee Stadium does hurt us in terms of attendance, the fact the team doesn't have a big name and is performing like crap are supporting factors.
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  3. Gotham Gator

    Gotham Gator Senior Member Donor

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    Bronxville, NY
    Signing a striker is the new "when will Lampard's leg heal".

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