NYCFC II - 2024 Schedule/Matchday (MLS NEXT Pro)

....aaaaand that's us down to 10.

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well it was a good run. deuce did me proud.

if they wanna come back and win this, i won't complain. but definitely proud they made it this far!
Good run by the Deuces. Proud of the young guys. New Mexico United were clearly the better team.

Brad Sims sat near me, and I was able to chat with him for 20-25 minutes. He's excited about the stadium, and I liked what I heard.
It's what we've been waiting for.

A few years ago, I got into it with a guy on Twitter. He objected when I said not having a stadium was holding us back and then posted a bunch of stats about how well we've done.

I agreed, of course. But I said I was talking about something bigger than just the numbers we'd put up on the pitch. As good as they were (up to that point), I didn't think we'd ever reach our full potential until we had our own park.

I suspect you heard something to that effect tonight. It's a huge step forward.

Anyway, I missed the rest of the match tonight after the Kwaku red. I've been troubleshooting some computer issues. But it doesn't look like I missed too much.

One thing is for sure: we have some terrific young players on their way up.
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