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So I get banned for expressing my frustration with the Fat Frank affair. Ok no problem, I am done. After reading all the argueing & after the frustration of the season ticket process & lack of customer care & communication & can honestly ay I am selling my season tickets or giving them away & will never step foot in the stadium. I though this would be great, a local club to support, but after the lies & deceipt of Man City & the MLS. no way
I think we all had some aggression in the way it was handled, I know I did. I typically would be "all done" in a situation like this. I do however think that this was something that as fans we could make our voice heard. I believe we were heard and they did care about how we felt. Moving forward we decided to support a club, the players, and the crest. It may sound like a bunch of PR talk but it's true. Any team has been where we are presently, and honestly most are better for it. We stood up, collectively as a whole and said wait a minute.. This isn't how we do things. Regardless of this I bet they won't try it again. They are still pumping money into youth programs around the city area and the things they will do for the area is beyond all of this. For that, I am a fan. For all of this I am a fan and will make my voice heard. And as a fan, a season ticket holder, a father of a season ticket holder who is in the early phases of life show him how to think rationally and not just throw my hands up and give up on something. I understand your frustration. The club needs everyone of us.if you decide to go, that's too bad. If you can look past it, it makes stronger as a whole. Stick around and give an opportunity to make it right. That's part of life.
You were banned because you made 6 posts. All of them contained 'Fat Frank' and other anti NYCFC comments and were made within minutes of each other. This is called Spam and you were flagged by members and we dealt with it accordingly.
I'm sorry but if this is truly how you feel there is no need to join our forum and cry about never attending a game and not following this team anymore.
Why wouldn't we ban you?
1. You're spamming.
2. You're not going to support the team so.... Why are you complaining about being banned? Why would you care if you have no interest in the team?
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