Alexandru Mitriță [forward] [On Loan]


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Jan 14, 2016
White Plains
As we know, he was called up for the past two international cycles, and didn't do too bad for himself, especially in October.

I think we can look to Mitri going ham and trying to get off to a good start in 2020 in a means to continue impressing the Romanian coach after their small fallout in early 2019. He will probably be looking to be in the squad to face off against Iceland in the Euro qualifying playoff on 3/26, and if Romania pull an upset to get to the next playoff on 3/31. Here's to hoping he can pick up where he left off.


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Jul 23, 2014
Mitri leaves us with 16G/5A in 41 games. Can we say he was a success as a DP?

On his day he could look unstoppable (Atlanta 2019/Cinci 2020) but he rarely seemed capable of taking control of a game on his own. Given how much he cost us, it seems like an overpay in hindsight. While I'm worried for the rest of the season, my concern over him leaving is matched by my excitement for what a new DP could bring. I don't think we'll miss him too much.

(Yes, I feel comfortable talking about him in the past tense)


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Oct 28, 2015
wow this photo is so immersive and realistic. Hes not doing anything, i feel like i'm actually at the game.

He was good at times, hardly seemed motivated to be here. A farce of a DP, never would be the face of the club like giovinco ( closest comp i could think bast on frame), or Vela or Martinez. Those guys were amazing day in day out and actually looked like they cared for the club not just passing through. (gio obviously cashed a bigger check and left a bit sour but was absolutely amazballs during his tenure). I feel like for the price we paid and the salary we paid him there are 1000s of replacements for his caliber. If we were to replace medhina with a guy mentioned above fine hes a decent robin to an eventual batman, but it seems we can't pay anyone to take medhina so for that reason I'm happy to ditch this guy and aim higher. And if he wants to thump his chest and tell people he ditched us fine, whatever.
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