Alexi Lalas Tells It Like It Is On A Fox Soccer Segment

quick screenshot of Lalas' reaction to not blaming FL


come at me, bro
I can't even watch the whole video, it cuts off after Alexi says Gerrard was a legend at Liverpool.
Ok but do clubs usually give away their best players for no benefit in return at the other team's demand?

I'm sure it happens all the time...

It's way more complicated than that. There are all sorts of reasons why players go out on loan... from recovering from injury.... to development and match time.... to views to a permanent move.
They can be free... they can pay for a year's loan or they can have a contribution to the player's wage from the parent club... to a split of wages... to full payment of wage by loanee club.
Is Frank injured?
Does the young man need development?
Which of those does Frank fall under?

Ask NYCFC why they want him, probably under the all sorts of reasons..

Yours and Tom's questions were not Lampard specific.