Arsenal's Gedion Zelalem Obtaining Us Citizenship

I honestly did not have much hope, but if it happens HUGE is the right word. The future is bright!

Klinsmann is a wizard!!!!
Prob convinced him he could play earlier in the US team than the German one. There's less competition. Too many players choose to play for European countries, play like 5 games tops and are never called again
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Wow I always had faith. It was going to be total bullshit otherwise.

I mean, unlike Julian Green, this kid doesn't have American ancestry. He was raised in America at arguably the most important period in his life. He sounds American, he identifies as American, to me, that IS American.
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Well this would make sense for both sides. Great talent, played for German Youth National teams since U-15 but to become a part of the Senior team in a couple of years he needs an outstanding development because of the huge depth we have in our offensive midfield. He probably won't make so it make sense, if he wants to play Internationals one day to make the change now. The US would get a prospect, that could be a Superstar for this team in already 3-4, maybe for Russia 2018 and for sure Qatar 2022. A Win-Win situation