Chant Idea

Paul S.

Jun 4, 2014
Hey All,
Had an idea for a chant, based off of Method Man's song Mr. Sandman, second verse from Inspector Deck, let me know what you think:
Let us at 'em, we'll cramp your style like a spasm
Track em through the mud then we'll bag em
We're screaming hardcore, CITY drips out our balls
and we be raw, score four plus seven more
We strike like a Villa ball, holding y'all hostage
like jail, electrifying like The Third Rail
Peep the stands as we cause a ruckus
New York City (ain't nuttin ta fuck wit)
As a fan of most things Wu-Tang I like it, though it may be difficult to get a group of 100+ to chant in unison.

I like the 'Wu-Tang / NYC ain't nothing to fuck with' too, though that may not go over so well w NYCFC, NYY, or MLS.
The league does not allow us to curse in unison. They will come down hard on us and the team. 1 person telling the ref to fuck off is one thing, but hundreds of fans screaming the word "fuck" won't fly. I'm not happy with it either, but that is the world in which we live.
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