De Blasio V Nypd


Mar 19, 2014
Haven't followed the story daily or anything but many will be aware of recent police events in New York and feud with Mayor DeBlasio. The New York Post having attacked one of their least favorite people (Al Sharpton over his police protests and allegedly attempting to use funerals for self publicity) have also consistently attacked DeBlasio. One recent editorial demanding an apology (from DeBlasio to the police over such comments as warning his own mixed race son to be careful around officers) and now police have been encouraged to sign a waiver stopping DeBlasio attending funerals of fallen police officers (which apparently is mayor tradition in New York)

So how do you all feel about this whole issue? Is it likely to calm down or get much worse on both sides? This feud was of course sparked by the death of Eric Garner (a few months ago) and the cop cleared of the killing earlier this month.
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