Demarcus Beasely Reportedly Set To Finalize Mls Deal


Mar 21, 2014
New Orleans, Louisiana
Steven Goff of the Washington Post posted on twitter that Beasely will be finalizing a deal with MLS this week to become a DP. It's not clear where he'll play, though I saw some speculation that he'll head to Chicago.

Beasely certainly made a name for himself in Brazil and could help draw audiences. I'm definitely excited by the vote of confidence MLS is getting from USMNT players (Beasely, Jones, Besler and Zusi).
Doesn't appear like people are too concerned, but the rumor last night was the Dynamo were the leaders, and they were looking to trade Corey Ashe in order to make room on their roster. I don't know if that'll be enough to resuscitate the Dynamo, but with the absolute pummeling the Dynamo goal has taken the past few weeks it can't hurt.
I wonder where he will play. He played LB at WC but usually he is a LM in most club teams and previously in MLS. However fellow USMNT teamate Brad Davis already plays LM for Dynamo.

My guess is either DB at LB and Davis at LM or DB at LM and Davis moves to the center.

No way a team as bad as Houston is right now doesn't use 2 of their best players in the starting 11.
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