From A Pure Football Standpoint, Can Frankie Even Play 90 Minutes Of A Bpl Game?


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Jun 2, 2014
The reason why I think this whole situation is going to be tragic, is that I imagine FL will find it difficult to play 90 minutes a game in Yaya's absence and will find it even more difficult to play more than 15-30 minutes a game once MCFC is fully fit.

All of this nonsense for less than an hour of likely Champions League play (they certainly won't get past Barca) and then maybe play 20 minutes every other game once Yaya is back and Aguero fit.

It would honestly be easier to understand if it were a Yedlin or a BWP -- someone who could really make a difference.
I agree with you. It says a lot about City, a team that has spent way too much to be relying on a 37 year old Lampard.