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Question I thought of as I was reading the thread about MLS Live. How does the black out of games work? As somebody that has never watched any American Leagues (MLS, NBA, NFL) I dont really understand how it works. What is the benefit of having MLS Live or NFL season ticket? Is it that if I want to watch all of NYCF's games I have to buy MLS Live?
No, if you live in the YES region (which i'm not exactly sure of the total area), you can watch all games either on YES or the national tv network. If you live outside of that region, you can watch all NYCFC matches live online, except for the national matches which would be streamed through ESPN/FS1 etc.
The benefit is that you can watch all matches either live, multiple matches at the same time, or complete matches archived for viewing at any time. If your only interest is NYCFC and you do not plan on watching any other matches and you have YES, you may not need MLSlive, unless you want the full match archives.
For folks like me who live out of the YES region, this is a must have, otherwise I would be scouring for illegal streams.
Thank you. I don't think I get the YES Channel on Dish network though so MLS Live is the way to go.
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