Just A Suggestion...blue Moon?

Sunshine United

Nov 1, 2014
Ok dont everyyyyone attack me...buuuut I was kinda partial to blue moon...its mcfc's anthem and as our parent club I see no reason why not ...not onlydo we show our "one with internationall futbol"ness.. it will be taken more serious than party hard aaaand we show our gratitude to Man. City for helping making our club #dream a reality...plusssss we can play Frank Sinatra singing it on opening night..;) doesnt get anymore NY than that...#jussayin ..think about it ppl...lol #NYCFC!
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Juuuust to add lol.. think History ppl..were making history here why not chant sumtin with sum history to it ..sum class..sumtn both NY and classic english football.
You never know what will happen, and as a City fan myself I am of course partial to Blue Moon, but a lot of potential fans are conscious of the links to Manchester and don't want to be forced to support MCFC USA, so there's something of an attitude that we should avoid singing songs too clearly associated with Manchester City lest it drives people away. We'll see what happens, though.
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Been a blue all my life, So I am partial to Bluemoon.... However this is apart of our identity, our culture (having this song sang by Crewe Alexandra supporters) who then eventually started coming along to watch City matches at Maine Road (our old ground) and also sang it.
So as you can see yes we are influenced by things all around us and NYC has this huge melting pot of culture, sub-cultures which would suit perfectly with your fanbase.

Just wouldn't be right singing Bluemoon over there by non-blues, especially being sang by many people who also support many different English clubs (but have emigrated to the US)

This club will represent YOU, the people of NYC, the globe will begin to differentiate between NYC and the USA - if you represent your area and what you're about.

Probably the biggest tourist destination in the world right, NYC?
people from all over the globe will come to your city and also decide to catch a match aside from walking around central park or visiting the empire state building.... So let them (and the tv audience) know what NYC is
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