Mistaken Foreign Language Emails


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Jul 16, 2014
Queens, NY
Just wondering. I get a handful of misdirected emails every year written in Polish: job interview appointments or follow-up, volleyball league group emails; auto sales, financial advisors contacting a customer, etc. None of them appear to be spam or phishing in any way, just a mistyped email address.
Does this happen for other people, and all languages? Do people with Spanish surnames get emails from all over Latin America and Spain? What about people from countries that use a different alphabet?
Got another one this morning. I always write back to tell them it was misdirected and I don't speak Polish. The only ones who didn't apologize and stop were the volleyball people. Group emails are the worst; I had to mute it.
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Can't say I get emails in foreign languages, but I have experienced getting emails from stores to my Gmail with a period in the name even though that's not my email and I never signed up for emails from those stores (like a college bookstore that I nor anyone I know attended). I wonder if that person is getting any of my emails or something else weird. Maybe it was a mistype on their end, but I've unsubscribed when I can.

I know I "own" the name of my email address with any period in the name on Gmail, but still. Weird.
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My wife does with one of her old email addresses. She has a semi-common Irish maiden name and gets formal things all the time from British/Northern Irish companies or persons. My guess, as Lion said, some girl in NI has the email address with a dot and either mistypes it occasionally or the sender missed it.

I use two letters from my first name, and my last name is somewhat obscure, so I've never run into this.
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