More Baseless Speculation: Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn


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Mar 31, 2014
Bay Shore
This is a photo illustration, to scale, of Red Bull Arena across Flatbush Avenue from Floyd Bennett Field.
It's intended to demonstrate how large a property Floyd Bennett Field (FBF).
In fact, I have another photo illustration that shows that FBF could contain both MetLife Stadium AND Red Bull Arena with room to spare.

Now, admittedly, there are problems with the site.
FBF is part of Gateway National Recreation Area and several of the buildings on the property are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. However, where I situated "Red Bull Arena" is private property. Also, I think some accommodation could be made to situate a stadium either adjacent to or within the property.

Just throwing it out there as "Food For Thought."
For selfish reasons, I hope to God its not in Brooklyn, let alone Floyd Bennett Field. It's the farthest possible point south LOL. Going out to Aviator for H.S. football games is the worst. Putting it in Brooklyn loses Jersey, Westchester, and Rockland fans one million percent.
I'm from New Jersey and I'm really hoping for right next to Yankee Stadium. Definitely the easiest to get to for me
Given the talks, rumours and speculations we have seen so far, including the early stuff when it was revealed that we where looking at five areas in particular (two of those in the Bronx) and the Yankees connection I would be amazed if it ends up anywhere else but close to Yankee stadium.
Yes the Yankee Stadium Garage site is so good because ALL of the existing infrastructure is already in place. Going to a site which is not designed for event traffic would be a disaster. Yankee Stadium is remarkably easy, ans familiar, to get to for so many people. Putting it in a site where probably 99% of NYers are unfamiliar with would be a barrier to success in my opinion, and the necessary infrastructure (traffic, parking, transit etc.) would most likely be put on NYCFC's shoulders.
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