My Top 3 Musts

Why do you want the le mis song? its a song about angry men sung in a passive tone. plus it aint even that good
Just listened to the Les Mis song in the context of a chant for the club. I think it's too much of a stretch to make it work. Shame because it really lends itself to being sung by a crowd. If they lyrics could be changed then it might work.
wait NYCFC_Dan NYCFC_Dan ESC uses stand by me? I've been to at least 20 games over the past 2 years and have never heard them sing that
That's fucking horrendous. God, I'll give away my season tickets to a bum on the street if we ever sound like that singing no matter how drunk we are. What a waste of a good song.

You know you sound bad when your own fans laugh at you...
And what's with wearing other player/team jerseys to your own game...
You never know man we could always come back to it and try to find something better in the mean time.
Keep Stand By Me in mind and if we can't find anything else we can always go back to that.