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What do you think of the Giants chances of making the playoffs this season?
[QU THE Gi Hiants=ty he"Scott McCarthy, post: 17305, member: 297"]Very good, I have picked them to win it all.

My scientific theory is, every time Lebron James loses an NBA Finals, the New York Giants win the Super Bowl.

If the Giants win the Super Bowl it works for
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Gotta like their chances. No repeat division winner since '04 so Philly is out...Redskins are going to be a disaster again...Tony Romo (enough said).
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Very good. Our secondary looks great on paper but we have yet to see if they mesh well. The o-line is my main concern and it'll make or break us.
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Although Eli Manning is only 33 his best days seem to be behind him. He has been terrible the last 2 seasons. He has to be better than last year but I fear he will be mediocre.
Remember when people were asking if Eli was better than Peyton? What a joke...
When Eli was asked who is the better quarterback, his answer was Peyton.
Michael Strahan, another New York Giant in the Hall of Fame!!
David Wilson has been informed by doctors that he should not continue playing football. He has hung up his cleats.