Next Issue Mls Will Have To Confront


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Apr 24, 2014
What do you do with all of the Homegrown / Generation Adidas players when it's time for them to get paid?

When you look around the league, I think it's fair to say that the Academy systems are working. Not only are they working, but you're seeing some future stars making an impact (Zardes and Gil tonight as an example).

It would be interesting to know what MLS will do. Some teams have the ability to offer a DP slot as LAG did with Omar Gonzales. But what do they do with Zardes? Isn't he more important than an LD replacement like Sacha Klejstan?

I think what's ultimately made this league so much more competitive and fun to watch isn't the signings of guys like Tim Cahill but the development of relatively cheap, young talent around the league.
I think a team like NYC will run into this problem pretty quick. I think they are faster to sign a big name from Europe than any MLS team currently.

But when NYCFC has a problem of signing a Homegrown player to a DP slot, I won't cry too much.
I think this is one of many topics that's going to be discussed in the new CBA. Which is really the next big issue. It's going to be the most important contract negotiations in league history in my opinion. You've got a new TV deal, new teams and there's a lot of interest coming the leagues way. If they can get this right it will propel the league going forward. I've said before I'd like them to add some more to the generation Adidas contracts. Maybe make their second contracts a little more salary cap friendly as well.
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