Taptalk Integration

Hey Drainyoo,
I know this has been requested before. When I looked into it in he past I ran into the following concerns.
Not as often updated/debugged for Xenforo as its a new Platform.
From what I've read on reviews it does have a number of bugs and is prone to security exploits.
The forum already boasts a mobile version. When you come here on your iPhone/Android device it will automatically recognize your device and adapt to it. I spent 95% of my time here via Mobile without any loss of functionality. Doing Admin tasks and posting just as if on a PC. There isn't any 'Flash' used so everything loads perfectly on Apple devices.

You could 'Add to Homescreen' to make it easier to access as well.

From what I've read Tapatalk is mostly used for forums WITHOUT a mobile friendly version as it helps with browsing. I'll look into it again and if the benefits outweigh the negatives it's definitely something we could add.
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Thanks for looking into it. Agreed that if it causes issues it ain't worth it.