Ultimate Warrior...dead!


Mar 19, 2014
Just hours after his appearances over WM weekend and RAW the Ultimate Warrior collapsed and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Warrior hadn't been on the best of terms with WWE (and many who work there) for some time but his last act it seems was to part on good terms. How bizarre though that the guy makes his first WWE appearance in 18 years and days later this happens. Even his final speech on RAW is beyond ironic if you watch/read though it.

Conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day. Newsworthy few days to say the least.

Someone more skilled than I should change the colors here to match NYCFC Colors.
I was stunned when I heard the news this morning on the radio. My wife and I were at the Garden the night he and the Undertaker had that classic "Body Bag" match back in the early 90's. RIP man.
The speech was pretty amazing. Sad to see him go, he was a major part of my childhood. It was brilliant growing up in the golden age of wrestling I'll tell you that.
Am I mistaken or is this guy UW number two. I thought number 1 died from a heart attack.