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Sportswashing and CFG

Discussion in 'NYCFC Supporters Discussion' started by Christopher Jee, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Fantazma

    Fantazma Senior Member Seasoned Supporter

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    alot here are saying "we would get a team anyway". how? the NYC2 was always a rumor and something we all knew garber wanted but it went years without happening. cosmos were allegedly the closest ( iirc some backing from wilpons as well?) but did not happen due to allegedly them not wanting to give up name colors etc and cosmos being cosmos.

    still, no other ownership group came along to push a team (at least none that i remember reading about) probably because of the same situation we are facing right now....lack of stadium, where would they play? and spend 100 million blindly was not something i think many groups wanted to risk.
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  2. LionNYC

    LionNYC Senior Member Staff Member Elite Donor Seasoned Supporter

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    New York, NY
    This video seems relevant...
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  3. Christopher Jee

    Christopher Jee Senior Member Elite Donor Donor Seasoned Supporter

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