Bronx Supporters?


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Jul 2, 2014
There are plenty of places in the Bronx that can be used as a meeting ground. Nice pubs and easy transportation to the stadium.
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not by trade, I just live near them, I am a school administrator in the bronx. I do play awful music, and occasionally design tattoos for friends.

Where/What about yourselves?
nice ... i moved up here a lil over a year ago ... enjoying it, but there isn't a ton going on ... it's getting better now that the weathers nice though.
We should grab a beverage sometime.
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I'm in the Sedgwick / Kingsbridge rd area. I also have access to the 4 & D train.
Diggin the Bronx love! I'm born and raised in the BX. I live in co-op city. North Bronx. Only one exit away on I-95 from southern westchester. Real close to Mt. Vernon...
There is definitely a good amount of people for a Bronx only SG. Let's do this.
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