Draft Results

LOVE Grabavoy, Mullins, John, Zizzo, and Wingert picks. They're the type of players you need in MLS.

WOuld have liked to see Gargan instead of Hernandez.
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Thought they did a great job overall. Especially with adding two RSL players that Kreis knows well. I expect them to still make a trade for MacMath.
I just dont understand the blue cheese pick at all. but besides that I love all the picks.
I have no idea what Orlando was thinking with Ricketts as Pick 1. I mean, trade bait? What are they going to do with 2 GKs on their roster? There's gotta be another trade.

Regardless, that was awesome for NYCFC because it really gave them an advantage. Picked up a great mix of talent; now to see what the trading flurry brings.
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We have enough ppl now to throw out random starting 11's hahah.
Yeah Mehdi was the only pick I didn't like, but if he more of a depth addition then I'm fine with it as long as he doesn't see much time on the pitch.
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I would expect us to keep Grabavoy, Mullins, Hernandez, Wingert, John and Zizzo. The others could be traded for the likes of MacMath, Lade, Keel or Saad.
By position:

2. Patrick Mullins, NE (Age 22) - Physical, left-footed, high work rate, two-time college player of the year
5. Tony Taylor, NE (Age 25) - Speedster winger or striker, spent four years in Europe

1. Ned Grabavoy, RSL (Age 31) - Technical player, can play any midfield position
4. Daniel Lovitz, TOR (Age 23) - Left footed, decent pace, well rounded role player maybe?
6. Mehdi Ballouchy, VAN (Age 31) - Moroccan, can't find much on him, seems like an outside mid
8. Thomas McNamara, DC (Age 23) - Coming off torn ACL
9. Sal Zizzo, SKC (Age 27) - Speedy outside player, fragile

3. Jason Hernandez, SJ (Age 31) - Centerback, 5'11", really pushed Goodson and Bernardez for starts
7. George John, DAL (Age 27) - Centerback, 6'3", upside but coming off ACL surgery
10. Chris Wingert, RSL (Age 32) - Leftback, can fill in at CB, solid veteran

I predict Mullins, Taylor, Grabavoy, Lovitz, McNamara, Hernandez, and John will for sure stick around. Ballouchy, Zizzo, and Wingert most likely to be trade bait? Kind of just guessing here.
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