Favorite Commentators


Mar 21, 2014
New Orleans, Louisiana
I read this article by Richard Deitsch, who is Sports Illustrated's main sports media columnist. Basically, he asks Ian Darke if he'd be willing to join up with Fox for the 2018 World Cup.

Personally, I despise Gus Johnson in any sport, much less one in which he clearly knows absolutely nothing while Darke combines knowledge of soccer with a great voice and an ability for genuine spontaneous reactions to the events on the field. So I'm all for this. What do y'all think about this? Any other commentators you'd like to see get in the action.

*And I should note. I'm from Louisiana, and I will say "y'all.
Not that any Americans are likely to know this guy, but:

Dan O'Hagan for me, by a mile.

Can't stand Ray Hudson, i just feel he has stolen the Sid Waddell style completely. An utter fraud.