From the great state of New York

Mar 23, 2014
Westchester to be exact my name is Harper or /u/Hapoo123. The team Isupport first and formost is the red side of Manchester ,but please don't hold it against me becasue I can't wait to support my local team in 2015.
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No worries! We've already got a couple ManU supporters, in our ranks. I'm not a ManC guy either...Swansea City for me! I recognize your handle from Reddit, glad you decided to come check out the forum.

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Welcome, Harper! United were my first love as well, nobody's gonna judge here. And now we have a chance to support our real home team. NYC all the way.
Welcome to the forums boss! We have supporters of all teams here so that doesn't matter at all!
Great to have you here,
Feel free to join in on discussions around the site!
Whatever team anyone supports outside MLS is fairly irrelevant, In southern Spain (The Florida of Europe) where half a million Brits live a semi-retired life they have created the biggest supporters group for CF Malaga there is and even got their own bar .. Despite having arrived in Spain as fans of a multitude of UK teams.

You simply can´t beat having a local team..