Information Overload


Mar 19, 2014
Anyone else heard this term? Its getting harder and harder to filter out pointless information these days. That's kind of the reason I've expressed mild dislike for too many short posts on here and other forums. Yes we live in an information society and that has its privileges but there's so much downside to it as well. Its very much the "twitter generation" but at least the whole point of that site is based on short (mostly pointless) posts. I've more or less deleted my entire follow list (not for the first time) and that might be some kind of OCD on my part (didn't have it as a child) but also because of timeline being flooded with pointless tweets.

The natural response to that would be to simply not visit. Yet how else are people supposed to keep up with what's going on? Whether its football, poker, wrestling (the latter 2 being other interests of mine with a more niche audience than football) its almost impossible to keep up with all interests anymore. Lets not even get started with some no talent celebrities. Keeping up day in and day out is almost impossible. I've barely been able to keep up with watching any MLS (and I had intended to watch at least one game each week before next season) in the past month due to other consuming (and more financial) interests.

Here's an article that discusses it with more eloquence...
If I understand you correctly, then surely, it is for you (and others) to bring proper debate to the table, no?

This is why on Twitter I refuse to follow people who do the 'RT for this or FAV or that', or show endless pictures of cats. They may follow me, but I really couldn't give a shit about what they talk about.

However, if you are truly interested in something then you do your best to find out as much as possible about it, so that you can have a serious debate on the subject. You filter out all other crap (save for the odd shiny thing that grabs your attention for 5 seconds), although saying that one is never too old to learn something new concerning something they were unaware of.
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