Interest In Nycfc Soars Amid Villa Rumors


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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
I track our visits daily using Google analytics.
It gives me a run down of traffic. The source (google/links/and so on), location and other things like time spent on site. Don't worry it only narrows your ip down to City level.
We get a lot of visits from Google as we are on the first page when searching NYCFC. So this is a good representation of increase of searches for NYCFC related things.
That's the spike yesterday. An increase of 75% and almost as many searches today alone in the 13 hours that have passed.

Next we have geographical breakdown. Just to show for fun where our visitors come from.
1 week of data not including a full today.

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I wish we could send that to the twitter trolls who think all of NYCFC's followers are from Europe.
Funny thing is the same argument could be used for the energy drinks and the world famous f.cosmos who are more "popular" abroad than here