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Jun 6, 2014
Just throwing this out there in case anyone important might read this:

IF (big if) we have some sort of canned music that introduces the players some time at the start of the game or starts up the second half, I'd like to recommend the main theme to the movie Pacific Rim.

Yes the movie sucked at times and yes we are not a "pacific" team, but I think the instrumental MUSIC would be perfect for a team intro and the mechanical sounds and industrial undertones would be perfect for a "city" team. To my knowledge no team is using it yet.

Just an idea IF we have canned music. OK flame away.

I would have posted this in the Songs and Chants section, but it's not really the same thing, and for the record I prefer songs and chants to canned music.
they play the mls anthem when the players walk into the stadium
Yeah, I wasn't thinking "walk out" music. More just at some time during the beginning of the game or start of the 2nd half to get people pumped up.
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John, start another thread if you want to promote your song: don't hijack mine.

And just to save everyone time: that annoying loop at :25 in this ESG sample never stops the whole song, it just get worse. You're welcome.