Just A Quick Note - The Features On This Forum Are Fantastic.


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Nov 13, 2014
Having the ability to embed a tweet that I've just pasted in is really nice. I'd add to that the automatic upload of GIFs and pictures is great.

The "ignore" feature has also come in handy.

Thanks for the great platform, y'all.
Thanks a lot man! If you have any suggestions feel free to throw them out there.
The only problem that I've noticed is that thread titles sometimes screw up when they're adding CamelCasing. You'll notice that on two of my posts in the main forum. I've tried editing them, and it won't make my edits. I'm thinking it might be a cookies/temp net files issue, but I wanted to report it just in case.

Thanks for the work you guys do - doesn't go unnoticed, even if we bitch about the trolls here.
Looks like that the case when a quote is used and not spaced afterward. I believe that the code automatically ads an upper case to the first character in a word so if that very first character is a " then it would capitalize " which obviously doesn't exist but that would count as first character and the I in your case wouldn't be capitalized. I edit the thread title and removed the "
We appreciate that and have been much less lenient on the trolls as of late.
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