Kreis' old team, RSL, just beat the hell out of TFC


Mar 23, 2014

but it was even more lopsided than the score says. RSL plays with such a beautiful style and determination. I hope JK can recreate that here in NY. I don't even need big name players, just give me that style!

The crowd was chanting "overrated" at the end :D

Even Klinsmann flew in to see the game in person. It was a good one....if you were an RSL fan anyway.

On a slight tangent, those TFC Onyx jerseys are incredible. Might have to pick up a Bradley jersey just for the hell of it.
Indeed you could say that performance was an embodiment of what Kreis built at RSL. Clearly he didn't build foundations that are about to crumble overnight. Of course his replacement could turn out to be another inspired choice. As for Toronto there's not much Defoe and Bradley can do when a defender gives away an idiotic penalty and puts his team on the backfoot. Totally incompetent and considering a former centre back manages the club it should be seen as a major failing on his part as well. Are Toronto's chances overrated? Well their 2 star players aren't at this level but they aren't going to carry entire side week in and week out. Not a chance in hell they were ever going to be undefeated.
Yup, RSL play the way we are going to play.. Everyone from Txiki to Soriano to Viera and Kreis himself have mentioned it again and again.
Hope DeFoe's hamstring injury isn't too severe. Sometimes those types of injuries can be a chronic problem throughout the year.