Let's Make Ourselves Heard!


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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
It's time we show NYCFC we have a voice!
I'm asking for a Tweet Onslaught!
At 7 PM EST time I will Tweet out:
"We Are United. We Are One. #WeAreNYCFC @NYCFC" with our logo made by @Orange attached

At that time feel free to RETWEET or send your own tweet to NYCFC using the hashtag #WeAreNYCFC. Attach a picture of yourself with gear on if you have some so maybe you get retweeted by NYCFC.
Maybe we can get it trending?!
Please reply here or like the post so we know who will contribute.
The idea is to get everyone retweeting and start a chain.
If NYCFC retweets some of us that's soooo much more exposure for the Hashtag to get others using it and get it trending.
Sorry, this totally slipped my mind. Just sent a tweet a moment ago. Or at least I think I did.......all this tweet stuff goes completely over my head. :D