Mcfc Confirms Lampard Staying In Manchester For The Season

just saw this....looks like a startimg match without our primary dp
Well folks, I'm first and foremost a Manchester City fan but I can appreciate how this must feel to you guys and I think it feels all wrong. The only positive spin that I can put on this is that it will not have been done without due regard for the interests of NYCFC. Ergo, there's been a trade and that trade will pay handsomely because Frank Lampard is your player and it would not have happened without your management being persuaded that it would pan out well for your clubs success.
I hope you can all bear the bigger picture in mind like your management team will have and I hope you can appreciate that City fans like me are with you every emotional step of the way because we're family, we're the kind of family where we look after each other and you've done us a massive favour that we'll repay ten fold and with a smile.
I hope you all have a wonderful New a Year with good health, good love and good fortune.