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Apr 21, 2014
Nice to finally join up with the board. I post often on the Facebook supporters group page but figured I'd dive over here for more supporter interaction.

My name is Christian and am an avid MCFC supporter that can be found at the Mad Hatter or other various pubs in the city arguing with United supporters.

I've watched my fair share of Jersey RedBull matches and am very excited to have our own club right here in the city.

Looking forward to meeting and cheering on our boys with all of you soon

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Welcome Christian Christian !
Great to have you here as well. We've grown tremendously over the last few weeks and its great to see more people joining by the day.
Stick around with us and help make this the largest NYCFC site!
I like the idea of having an Astoria NYCFC supporters group. We can all meet up at the Rover or Ravenshead if we don't feel like going into the city.

I go to Bar 43 for a lot of matches but found out recently that Ravenshead opens early for all the matches now. You just have to deal with all the Liverpool supporters ha ha.
I do not know where in Astoria you live, but I have been going to Olde Prague Tavern for EPL matches. They are also the "home bar" for the American Outlaws Queens chapter that is trying to become official.
I did not know that and I belong to the American Outlaws. Thanks for the heads up. Are the taps open during the matches or is it just coffee? Sorry, I've only been by the place once and they had a sign up talking about coffee.
Their taps are open. Only issue is they do not serve food, but they are very happy with you bringing in food from outside.