Password issues


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Mar 20, 2014
Herts, UK
I signed up last night but had a lot of issues and almost gave up entirely, until I realised that the problem was the password I tried to use. I'm by now well used to having to include numbers and symbols (@#,.! etc) in passwords so I did so automatically, but every time I then tried to complete the sign-up I got taken to an error page telling me that I don't have access to nycfcforums/index.php?. As soon as I took the characters out, it worked fine. Incidentally, as a test I just tried to change my password to include these characters again, and once again I got the same error. I used Chrome, Chrome Canary and Firefox, and had the same issue on all three browsers.

You might want to look into that. As I said, I almost gave up trying to register because for a while I was baffled.
Thanks for the information. I'll pass it on to my support staff. I might have it set up so you CANT have characters in password as a default. When I get home from work I'll check the admin panel and see if that's the case.