Shaughnessy Trolls Revs, Petke Responds

Tom in Fairfield CT

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Jul 16, 2014
So, Dan Shaughnessy, a reporter for the Boston Globe twittered this last night:
Dan ShaughnessyVerified account‏@Dan_Shaughnessy
Silver lining of Revs loss is that now we don't have to pretend they are relevant. Nice try by the Revs. But we are a Four Team Town.

Then Mike Petke, coach of the Red Bulls, let's loose with these twits:
@petkemike @petkemike · 15h15 hours ago
@Dan_Shaughnessy even though I hope to kick your butts next year, you have a lot to be proud of

@petkemike @petkemike · 15h15 hours ago
@Dan_Shaughnessy To the Revs fans, ignore this type of BS hometown reporting and keep your heads high

@petkemike @petkemike · 15h15 hours ago
@Dan_Shaughnessy What's even more pathetic is that by saying that, you have brought more relevance to MLS. So keep it coming big guy.

@petkemike @petkemike · 15h15 hours ago
@Dan_Shaughnessy The fact that you would say something as pathetic as that shows your knowledge and class as a "so called" sports reporter.

@petkemike @petkemike · 15h15 hours ago
@Dan_Shaughnessy Dear Dan, in all honesty your comments regarding the Revs are laughable and outdated.

What do you think of the exchange? I think it makes MLS look hypersensitive when Petke does this and when Garber calls his dumb press conference to respond to Klinsmann. Shaughnessey is obviously trolling, I think the best response would have been to let the fans handle it.

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