Soccer/football Good News - Charity/humanitarianism/other Good Stuff


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Jul 16, 2014
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How about a thread in which we can share news stories about good things associated with soccer -- anything that involves both soccer and making people's lives better. I would probably not include stuff sponsored by City Group, NYCFC, or supporters groups, not because they're not important and deserving but because they deserve to be specially featured in a more prominent way in the forum.

We also don't necessarily need to discuss these items (although discussion certainly isn't forbidden) and I truly hope it doesn't lead to debate. I'm not making rules, either, just creating an idea I hope can lead other to post stuff here for the rest of the forum to read and perhaps get a smile or be inspired.

I will start off in the next post.
Haitian welder turned amputee soccer star: 'It's the best life'
"After losing a leg during Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake, Wilfrid Macena became a prosthetic technician and founded an amputee soccer team--and says his life can’t be topped years after the disaster."