Social Club


Jun 1, 2014
The war zone, gets a little heated every now and again, perhaps we need a thread where we can get to know each other a little better over something that we can all agree on to contrast that.

In todays world of the internet NYCFC and MCFC fans although thousands of miles apart are able to socialise and mix together in other forums and maybe mix.

I personally play Chess and Scrabble over the net, (hence the time I spend in here whilst waiting for opponents) but there are other things that can happen
Off the top of my head
Mah Jong, Fifa, wii games etc.... Anyone up for a friendly social....

Mods, I hope you don't feel this suggestion is inappropriate if so remove the thread.
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Huge Fifa gamer. Haven't had as much time recently what with my girlfriend and other things getting in the way, but xbox used to be like my life lol
Not much into games aside from the Demon's/Dark Souls series.

Oh. And Tetris. I've been playing every incarnation of that damn game since the 80's.