Stoke City FC Announce Football Kit Deal With Warrior Sports


Apr 1, 2014
Stoke City Football Club announced that Warrior Sports will become the club’s football kit supplier and the agreement will take effect on June 1st. Stoke City Football Club will become the second club on the Premier League that Warrior Sports sponsors, follows Liverpool FC. The players of Stoke City FC will wear the new football kits and equipment made by Warrior Sports on training and games.

The CEO of the Stock City FC said, “We are glad to sign this agreement. Warrior Sports is an exciting brand. We will become the second team on the Premier League wear the Warrior football shirts. Their latest technology and innovation products had the reputation for excellence. The most important thing is that the cooperation with Warrior Sports will help us to give back to our football fans, the price of our football fans products will fall sharply.”

The Football Director of Warrior Sports, Richard Wright said, “We are glad to cooperate with Stoke City Football Club. They are have long history and they are the foundations of England football. Since the club promoted to the Premier League in 2008, their outstanding performance and the inexhaustible passion of football fans are the mainstays of the Premier League. We are looking forward to more cooperation with Stoke City Football Club and the fans.”
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Liverpool's home kits are perfect. The aways don't bother me, but the third kits that are purple and black are horrible in my opinion.
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Better than your team (Everton) leaving Nike to go with Umbro. Ugh.
Much like their relationship with Cole Haan, many of the Umbro fans were not happy with Nike ownership.

It seems like they have reinvented themselves (Umbro) under new ownership which is a good thing hopefully for Everton.