Mar 27, 2014
simples: who here wants it?

whether its possible or not is irelevant. but personally, id prefer if we didnt have it. why sit down in a parking lot and eat if you can do that in a bar/pub. take the train in, eat drink, watch game, exit, eat drink. simples
What do you mean by tailgating? I think it means something different over here.
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I am confused ? What is the American definition of tailgating. Perhaps we need to start an American - English definitions thread ;)
Well, the only version of tailgating I know is when you drive right behind another car, almost bumper-to-bumper.
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Why not both? Personally, as someone who will be driving I will probably tailgate about half the time, especially with good weather. Nothing better than grabbing my own beer out of a cooler as opposed to squeezing up to the bar to order and wait for a beer. Saves money too!
Tailgating in America has two meanings. The one you are familiar with in UK. And also the one where you grill, drink and have ab all around good time in the parking lot of the arena before gametime.
Where can one grill in yankee stadium though? The streets are blocked and the parking lot is full. Take the subwaaaayyy