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Mar 23, 2014
Freepost thread, post anything crazy and/or amazing you find on the internet. Remember the rules of this place though! :D



I need this for Halloween

Saw this a few months ago and its INSANE. It all started at the 4chan website which of course is crazy in its own right. A poster became obsessed with another poster (endlessly posting in same threads) and began archiving each and every one of the posts. Obviously the victim of the harassment lashed out and it only ended after a 97 PAGE DOCUMENT compilation was released about the victim. Some people found this disturbing while others found it hilarious.

Read this first to try and understand what the hell went on!
April 15th marks the largest tragedies in both England and the United States sports history.

April 15th in England marks the Hillsborough tragedy.

April 15th in the US marks the Boston Marathon Bombing.

The Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC are under the same ownership.

Bonus fact: I got the sudden urge to go to Boston on April 14th last year. Due to getting a late start after the only time I've ever locked myself out of my home, I went to beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY instead.

Changing gears a bit, I love Archer for things like this:

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