Third Rail Supporters Cup Team Practice

Samuel Youn

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May 5, 2014
Manhattan, NY
Join us to play soccer at Pier 40 this Saturday at 9:30 AM! This will be our first look at a potential Supporters Cup team. We'll be accepting new members at the field and all ages are welcome.
This will not be a formal try out for a team. We'll be getting together to gauge interest in a potential Supporters Cup team and to practice as a group. Please bring your own gear and balls.

We will be accepting new members at the field.

MEMBERSHIP ($30 annual fee)

You don't have to join to volunteer or attend some events, but members get all these benefits:

- Sitting in the supporters section with the Third Rail;
- Third Rail pre-match events at local Bronx bars;
- Exclusive Third Rail Merchandise
- Reduced prices for beverages at local bars;
- Discounted group travel to away games;
- Exclusive benefits from NYCFC including Third Rail-only events with NYCFC personnel;
- Voting power on decisions made by the Third Rail;

All of the above and much more for only $30 per year!

Join the event for more info:

The link isn't taking me to the event.. Are you sure it's a public facebook event?
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Thanks for the heads up. It was set up as "open invite" vs "Public". Should be fixed now.
No problem!
I can't make it tomorrow, and honestly will probably play in the tournament for my first SC, but it's great that we're getting involved!
Tommro there is a training session to gauge interest in putting a team in the supporters cup. It's at 930 am at pier 40 in manhattan. There is more info on the Facebook group.
Merging with the other thread, but I'll leave a permanent link here in case others are missing it by not looking in the Third Rail forum.
How'd it go? What league will you be in?

Went well, just had a kick about and had a good time meeting other fans. We'll start practicing properly this week.

We will be looking to compete in a 7 v 7 Supporters Cup in NYC. All teams consists of members of Supporters Groups that will represent their teams ie, Real Madrid, Everton, Red Bulls etc. Scheduled for August, hopefully we can get a decent squad together and get in shape.

Otherwise, the practice is open to all- even those who choose not to compete officially for the team.
I will have to make it down one Saturday am. Would be fun to meet everyone and play a bit.